The members of “Set Free” are from Southern York and Lancaster counties in Pennsylvania. They started playing as a group in their early teens, and have been playing as “Set Free” since 2001. Set Free combines energetic musicianship with four part harmonies, to form a group you will be sure to enjoy.

They recorded their first album in January of 2005. This album includes traditional songs as well as three original songs written by Daniel’s father, Ray Stuber. They released their second CD, “Peace ,Be still” in August, 2007.This CD features three original songs . Two were written by Ray Stuber, and one by Set Free’s dobro player, Chad Sweitzer. Set Free released their third CD “ Medals for Mothers“ in December, 2010.

The current members of “Set Free” are Jared Keeny, Daniel Stuber, Chad Sweitzer, Derrick Sweitzer, Donavan Webb , Ron Plummer, and Steve Lehigh.

Chad, Jared, Derrick, and Daniel attended Shrewsbury Dunkard Brethren School. It is a one room school that had about 20-25 students at the time. They were within one grade of each other. Steve attended Pleasant Hill Christian School.

As part of the curriculum, they had a music class were they learned how to read shaped notes and sing harmony. Any time they would get a chance, you could find them in a back room singing harmony out of a hymn book.

“The original four” - Chad, Jared, Derrick, and Daniel, started playing instruments around the age of 11 or 12. For years they just jammed together. They would have a sleep over and play and sing into the wee hours of the morning. They would record themselves on a karaoke recorder just for fun.

Their first real gig, which included “The Original Four”, was an outreach program at the Lebanon Prison. After that they played a couple of times a year, until they came up with a name and started practicing regularly in 2002. Since then they have played regularly at “The York County Fiddlers Convention”, and many carnivals, church services, and picnics.

Set Free" combines energetic musicianship with outstanding four part harmonies, to form a group you are sure to enjoy!